Simplifying the Complexity of Staffing
Intuitive and easy to use. Schedule anywhere and from any device.
Intuitive interface
The spreadsheet interface allows you to enter staff names and shifts just as you would in an Excel document.

You're even able to copy and paste your current schedule from another spreadsheet.

Be up and running in a matter of minutes!
Custom fit
Whether you schedule weekly or monthly, have 20 employees or 200, have multiple departments or locations, the application is custom fit to your organization.

As your organization grows and changes, so does the application to fit your needs.
Weekly view
Monthly view
Toggle time periods
When advancing to next week's or next month's schedule, you're given the option to copy the current schedule forward or begin with a blank schedule.

Most of the work in creating the next time period's schedule is done for you in one click!
Communicate with staff
The first of many socially interactive features, the ability to transmit schedules and send messages to staff is where OneClickSchedule and the Web, as it was intended, truly come together to enhance productivity.

Email the entire schedule or individual schedules to staff with the click of a button!
Staffing levels
A snapshot of the staffing levels for the entire schedule, this feature allows you to see any holes in coverage or extra staff relative to your required levels.

Red means under, green means over and blank means just right! No more going through the schedule and counting to find out if you're covered!

(The yellow inputs fields are where you set your levels.)
Hours report
One of many reports, the hours report shows all of the hours for each employee for the active schedule. In one click, see who is approaching overtime and who has more hours available.

This tutorial has provided a glimpse of a few of the features that make OneClickSchedule a powerful, yet simple to use, tool. To try it for yourself, simply register for the free trial!
Create an account and explore on your own in seconds!